Octubre Rojo (Red October) 

Work in progress

This images shown a group of young men living in a house of students in Mazatlán, Sinaloa at the North of Mexico, named RedOctober. These “houses” have a kind of beneficence function, working for the young people with no resources that can’t pay lodging while they are studying at High School or bachelor’s degree at Autonomus University of Sinaloa.

This building in which live more than a hundred of students, has their history in the 80’s, when the socialists movements fought for the democratization of the University demanding the occupation of various buildings giving them the function of dormitories.

Thanks to the radical mind of those days, the students reached that aim. From then to now, the University supports the cause, giving the control, the direction and organization of the house to the students. They come from their origin places; many of them live in municipalities or small towns in the mountains, very far away from Sinaloa.These boys between 18-23 years old performed a difficult and raw crossing – literally and metaphorically- to study at the University. They are not only on that complex age – like anybody else in some time – but in a fragile fringe between being students, workers or take part of a criminal group. This is a reality in Sinaloa, where the drug cartels recruited many young men to work as hired assasins, taking them to death, an alarming fact of every day

In words of the World Bank as a part of its inform “The violence of the youth in Mexico” says:

The youth represents more than 38% of the victims of homicide in Mexico in the last decade, however, more than a half of the crimes occurred in 2010 were committed by young between 18 and 24 years old”

The present documentary wants to detonate a reflection about the structural violence in the reality of the youth, through the shared experiences at the student’s house-shelter Red October. This images reflected in some way the ways that colectivity and organization in this spaces of students nowadays can be a resistence and a hope for the situation of many of the youth in the country.